IoT world needs easy to use yet robust security model for millions of "things" - to safeguard the enterprises, it's network, and to protect privacy of public. See how does it.

The heart of IoT needs to be a high performance and secure communication system by using which "things" can whisper to each other and make social sense. has developed exactly that - a secure and scalable communication system for things to whisper through.

Security is seemingly awful, and couple performance with it - it becomes hard hard. In the world of connected intelligent things - we need both. The folks at are cracking at it - not only to make it possible but to make it insanely easy too. With proliferation of little connected things collecting our information - privacy becomes important one more time - a robust PII elimination mechanism from the collected information needs to be badly in place - again.

Technology is my passion - and the sports involving technology and techniques. Architecture, Programming, Sailing, Cameras, Amateur Radio, Robotics, Machine Learning - a very complex set of deep interests.

I was in love with the great yacht designer Lyle Hess - after a long research about his classic designs, reading of Pardey's and shuffling between Bristol Channel Cutter and Nor'sea 27/37 - finally I settled for the lovely old Nor'sea 27. Named her Wet Wings. She has been my good friend for 2 years. I lavished as much love as one could to her.

It is said that whoever falls in love keep falling in love, and I am no exception. After an intense love affair with the Lyle Hess design, I am now madly in love again with German Frer's design. His Swan line of boats - specially the Swan 45. Only 50 have been made with only 5 made its way into US.

Chiradip Mandal

Entrepreneur, Sailor, Amateur Radio Operator

An entrepreneur, an ideator, and an experienced enterprise architect who conceived many successful products for big organizations as well as startups. Currently working on two products which he conceived - one is an enterprise IoT product and other is personal information management with all control inverted to the user.


Chiradip was born and brought up in a small nondescript island of Bay of Bengal and currently lives in another bay area - San Francisco Bay Area.


  • CEO - An Internet of Things  R&D company
  • Director of Technology - Sensity Systems
  • Chief Architect - Cloud Managed Services Platform, Cisco Systems
  • Manager - Cisco Systems


And hey, did I tell you that he is a gear guy?  More gears than most can handle :)


His detailed professional profile can be found here

Design Inspirations & Prized Possessions

Tech Talk

Sailing, Radio & Other Fun Activities

This little fella is a Leica M-P (Typ 240). An exceptional example of elegance and minimalist design of a product. Much of my latest product designs, even when they are in very different fields, are inspired by the Leica design. Yes right - I shamelessly copied Leica design in software world. While it's competitions have hundreds of menus and controls - Leica has very few - exactly what you need for your work. Manual focus, smallish but very high quality lenses, outlandish picture quality makes  this camera one of my cherished possessions. Update: I do not have this camera anymore - sold it and bought, something I never thought I would but I did, a Leica SL.

I know this picture breaks this website's theme which is B&W, but this baby has that sexy red on the right earbud - thats something amazing - so you know I made the exception. This is Shure SE-846 In-ear monitoring (IEM) headphone. Stunning design, aesthetics, and extremely high-end sound quality. It's hard to believe that this tiny device can pack so much sound power and quality in it. This one is also my design inspiration - small, rugged, without any compromise in quality. Retails at about US$1000 - which is costly but once you feel the quality - it will well justify it's price. Yeah - it is so damn good.

I wrote a quite a bit of technology blogs here -


Python is coming back heavily, in fact it was always around ever since it was born, with the increasing importance of machine learning, AI and statistical computation.,

I am a big proponent of polyglot programming, with the world becoming increasingly complex everyday to deal with - we can't resort to one single programming language to solve all our problems unless the problem is fairly narrow. My favorite languages now, which changes with my mood, are Clojure, Erlang, Python, JavaScript, Scala - yes Scala was my most favorite in 2012, but hey 2012 is gone and we are almost knocking the door of 2017. I architected a massive IoT/SmartCity platform where my team used Clojure, Erlang, JavaScript beautifully together. Polyglot is beautiful and its real - just know what cocktail are you making - and make it right. A while back, I wrote an article on it on linkedIn Polyglot is THE way

As of June 9, 2016, I am eying for a partner for my Farallons and TransPac 2017 campaigns. I am a chronic and a rabid sailor - but could not sail as much as I wished. Feel free to contact me if you want to crew on my little classic offshore  cruiser Wet Wings - an old Nor'sea 27.


I am probably not going to make Transpac 2017, but probably 2018. I did though sail around Farallones in the month of March 2017. It was fun for sure. We went to Farallones from Golden Gate and then Halfmoon Bay and then back to San Francisco.