Chiradip Mandal


San Francisco Bay Area


Combination of Imagination, futuristic vision, state of the art technology-and-architectural strategies, razor-sharp customer relationship and focus, development cheerleading capabilities, convincing relationships with product management and customers - enables him to connect the seemingly disconnected dots of technology, market and future.


Chiradip is also a passionate sailor, an amateur radio operator, a biker, a photographer and a blogger.,


Founder of an R&D company in the area of IoT (including security and privacy). Put together a formidable R&D and product team specializing in cutting edge web technologies, machine learning, analytics and polyglot languages. 2016.


Founder - Digital Personal Asset Management. 2015 - Present.


Past Experience

Director of Technology, An Internet of Things Startup - Built an Internet of Things platform, used in many smart cities around the world. Built a high performing team with very high degree of expertise in modern technologies like Clojure, NodeJs, Erlang, and Scala.


Chief Architect - Cloud Managed Services Platform, Cisco

Chief Architect - Collaboration platform for SMB companies those primarily use Cisco products for their business.

Originator & Architect - Cisco Unified Service Delivery Framework - A precursor to Cisco smart city and S+CC (Smart and Connected Community)


Leadership Skills

Setting up clear organizational vision, aligning all the stakeholders towards a single goal, control budget, partnership establishment and management, technology leadership.


Technology Skills

Chiradip spends lots of time in writing code and can write fluent code in many languages - namely Clojure, Erlang, Scala, Java, NodeJS, Python etc. He contributed to many open source projects in the past and recent past. He is intimately knowledgeable and hands-on on Data Analytics, Cassandra, ElasticSearch, NoSQL, GraphDB, Apache Spark, Apache Flink, Elastic Search, Machine Learning, MQTT (he wrote an MQTT broker by himself for his current company), Kafka, GPU based programming, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, other small form factor devices - to name a few.


IaaS, PaaS, SaaS - AWS, MicroServices, CloudFoundry, Docker.,,,,,


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